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After forming in Buffalo in 2006, Aqueous (pronounced “ay-kwee-us”) has earned a reputation as one of the most promising improvisational rock acts in the country. Best known for their “groove rock” stylings, guitarist Mike Gantzer, guitarist/keyboardist David Loss, bassist Evan McPhaden, and drummer Rob Houk have developed a unique sound characterized by meticulous compositions and rich exploratory jams that easily transition from laidback, in-the-pocket grooves to furious, high-intensity peaks. Composed of longtime friends, over the years, Aqueous’ members have developed near-psychic abilities with one another, enabling them to stretch each song while maintaining a staggering degree of precision. In a live setting, the group’s undeniable technical prowess truly shines, making for dynamic performances that bring fans back night after night.

Whether they’re headlining and selling out venues across the U.S. or performing stand-out sets at notable events like Summer Camp, The Peach Music Festival, Jam Cruise, and Suwannee Hulaween, it’s clear that fans across the country are clamoring to hear more from the Buffalo-based four-piece. With the hype around the group growing, Aqueous is on the brink of making a huge breakout as the project enters its second decade of existence. Do yourself a favor, and discover firsthand what the buzz is all about.



(Guitar/Vocals) Mike - PRS (1) copy
Deep in the caverns of the West Indies alongside the Isle of Righteousness is where coal miners accidently stumbled upon a new mineral that has captivated headlines worldwide. While in search for salty potash, the miners came across a space cluttered with khakis and walls of a purple tint. Beside squashed eight-legged deep cavern creatures they found a substance hunched over a bright light. Soon after they discovered "Mike" (the best name they came up with at the time), they found that he is rich in minerals that dictate rhythmic and melodic extraction while improvising lines that even Beethoven forgot about! It is believed that Mike is a mineral that has never been discovered before. When Mike Gantzer is fused with the precise sine waves created by Dave, and Evan there is an alignment of the homo sapien ear canal that makes humans sell their soul to the groove.

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(Guitar/Keys/Vocals) Dave - PRS (1) copy
A "Dave Loss" is a one-of-a-kind complex organism most commonly tracked in the North East region of North America. Rare for complex organisms, Dave was created through spontanueous genreration. The modern day version of Dave Loss, or "Project I7-A942" comes with 6 strings that ring in perfect harmony upon struming. In addition to the 6 strings, researchers have discovered a bionic vocal range that can hit pitches even the kanine cannot register. Though Dave is rare, chemistry professor Dr. Unkridge at Princeton University claims "it won't be uncommon to see new forms of Project I7-A942 sprouting up within the next 5 years."

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(Bass) evan
A gooey struggle, a crack, and a battle screech are three precise concepts to understand the initial moments of Evan McPhaden's life here on Terra Firma. Evan hatched from an egg early due to an overzealous amount of 60Hz rumble. A shimmey-shake and a runaway, he spread his wings and took off far away to meet the others on the mast of a fisherman's boat at sea. In the crow's nest is where he found his passion for plucking away at his 5 thick strings that can loosen the jaw of any Loch Ness monster. Within the past decade Evan has grown into something really special. A feather from Evan is worth unspeakable amounts in the Chinese black market.

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(Drums) rob
Once his mysterious past has been more accurately researched, scientific papers and other academic journals will be chomping at the bit to get a first look at this elusive creature. Until then we'll just have to read a top ten listicle about why certain individuals are better at keeping a beat going with their limbs. All we know is that Rob in search of the true reason why metal crashing on metal or other manufactured synthetic circular forms sounds good to the human ear. Please forward any relevant info to HOUK@APALOO.ZA along with a stamped, unsealed envelope and $2.56 in 1956 wheat pennies.

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