Flour City Station

Performed at 7 times. Appeared at this venue for 0.8% of all shows.

April 14th, 2018

Flour City Station, Rochester, NY

SET ONE: Don’t Do It > Mice1 > Don’t Do It, Underlyer > Mosquito Valley Pt. I > Mosquito Valley Pt. II

SET TWO: They're Calling for Ya > Skyway, Uncle Phil’s Parachute > Short People > Uncle Phil's Parachute > Second Sight2 > Pinball Wizard3 > Second Sight

ENCORE: Kitty Chaser (Explosions) > Staring Into the Sun4

Notes: 1 241 Show gap 2 Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 [Pink Floyd] tease 3 The Who cover, debut 4 Continued from Night 1 - ending only 5 Wherever I May Roam [Metallica] and Lateralus [Tool] teases 6 Randy Newman cover, Aqueous debut, Instrumental

March 23rd, 2017

Flour City Station, Rochester, NY

SET 1: 20/20 > Second Sight, Triangle1 > Sasquatch > Phase III, No One Knows2 > How High You Fly3 > The Median > Staring Into the Sun, Jam > Kiss From a Rose4 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions)

ENCORE: Dave's Song1 5

Notes: 1 w/ Ending 2 QOTSA Cover, Aqueous debut 3 Original, debut 4 Seal cover, Aqueous debut 5 w/ Colin Shore [Mister F]

Clear Night Skies [Aqueous] tease in Median.

20/20 last played 2016/8/11 71 shows
Sasquatch, Phase III last played 2013/7/13 416 shows
Dave's Song ending last played 2014/12/31 259 shows

February 6th, 2016

Flour City Station, Rochester, NY

SET 1: Numbers and Facts > Dave's Song1 > Skyway, Marty > 96 Quite Bitter Beings2 > Eon Don

Set 2: Underlyer > Warren in the Window, Don't Do It > Light My Fire3 > The Median4, Staring Into the Sun

ENCORE: The Logical Song

Notes: 1 Unfinished 2 CKY cover, Aqueous debut 3 Doors cover, Aqueous debut 4 w/ Collin Jones on guitar [Haewa]

Dave's Song had Amber [311] and Fire on the Mountain [Grateful Dead] teases
Warren had a Stranglehold [Nugent] jam
Staring included the ending

September 26th, 2015

Flour City Station, Rochester, NY

SET 1: Calling Out > Kitty Chaser (Explosions), Dancing Days1 > King for a Day, Random Company2 > All In

SET 2: Underlyer > Don't Do It3, Complex Pt. I > Wandering4 > Complex Pt. II > Warren in the Window

ENCORE: 20/20

Notes: 1 Led Zeppelin cover, Aqueous debut 2 LTP 11/14/2014 82 shows 3 Sit-in by Tony G on keys [Giant Panda/Funknut] 4 Live debut

Sarias Theme [Zelda] tease preceded Calling Out
Dancing Days [Zeppelin] tease in Kitty Chaser
Voodoo Chile [Hendrix], Cherub Rock [Smashing Pumpkins], the Jurassic Park Theme and Random Company teases in KFAD
Come Together [Beatles] jam in All In
Shine [Collective Soul] tease at end of All In
Xxplosive [Dr Dre] tease in Underlyer
Smoke on the Water & Woman from Tokyo [Deep Purple] teases in Don't Do It
Josie [Steely Dan] teases in 20/20

This show featured the first complete live Complex sequence from the Cycles album