Dig it Good

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Can ya dig it?


I wake up every morning with a new look on my face
Cause' every single morning got a new situation that's taking place
One river's drying up today, one will be born tomorrow
Patches are sown and some get torn, but they seem to relinquish all the sorrow

Supermarket concrete beach, but masked with the scent of skunk
Wandering eyes will flock to the shores, the opportunity of getting drunk
And there's no need to justify, and there's no need to forget
As long as that you're sure it's here, as long as it's for many years

Conceptualize this new age thought, but don't forget the past
It's endlessly streaming out of the mind, the words that just go by in a flash
Spending the moments til' the end, taking what you can
Reforming the old back to the new, and forming gold from sand

Kaleidoscope-like visions is all that most will see
Shapes and sounds are all the same when presented in that way
There's no need to justify, there's no need to forget
You'd better dig into something good today and be free

Dig it Good (x4)