Setlist from April 11th, 2015

April 11th, 2015

King's Rook Club, Erie, PA

SET 1: Complex Pt. I > They're Calling for Ya, Triangle, Marty, Josie1 > Don't Do It

SET 2: Underlyer > Gordon's Mule > Eon Don > Aldehyde > Canary in a Coal Mine2 > Aldehyde, Staring Into the Sun, What's the Connection?

ENCORE: Mosquito Valley Pt. I > Flagpole Sitta3

Notes: 1 Steely Dan cover, AQ debut 2 Police cover, AQ debut 3 Harvey Danger cover, AQ debut

Complex had a Josie tease by Steely Dan
TCFY had a "Waves" tease by Phish and a "Wheels" tease by Cake.
Eon Don contained a "devils pie" intro by D'angelo, and Master of Puppets by Metallica and Machine Gun by Hendrix teases.
Staring into the Sun had a long improvised section.
What's the Connection had a "We Want the Funk" tease that was audience started.
MV one had a "Chicken Grease" intro also by D'angelo.

TCFY was last played on 2014-08-14
Marty was last played on 2014-06-17


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